March 9-17, 2019 Tampa, FL

Flip Cup Tournament

The game will run “KOT style” until only one winner remains. This can be described as a combination of Survivor and Jungle rules. The tournament will start promptly at 4:30pm and all contestants Must be 21+ with valid ID.
Date & Time
Sunday, March 17, 2019 | 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Paddyfest Street Festival | 1611 W. Swann Ave. | Tampa, FL 33606
Registration is FREE, but contest is limited to the first 100 registered contestants. Must be 21+ with valid ID.
King Of The Table (Kot) Flip Cup


You can have as many players as your table will hold. The whole table will Gentleman’s Start, at which time players will drink the amount of beverage in the cup. Then, they will place the cup FACE UP on the edge of the table and proceed to flip the cup by tapping the bottom rim until it lands 100% FACE DOWN (unless leaning on the table’s lip). and the last player to flip their cup is voted off. This will continue until 1 player is left, and they are the King of the Table.
Each “King of the Table” will then compete against the other tables’ winners until only one winner remains.
A very important rule of KOT is that once the game starts you cannot leave the table until you either lose, or the game is over. With so many people playing it is important to keep the game moving.
If two hands are used to flip or guide the cup it, is an illegal flip. Only one hand is permitted to make the flip. The non-flipping hand may act strictly as balance assistance for the cup on the edge of the table. Sometimes you are forced to play on tables with “less than ideal” edges, so it is necessary for added support. This in no way is meant to help guide the cup during the flip; just to keep it from falling off of the table. Also the non flipping hand must remain completely still during the flip if it is used for balance assistance. This will eliminate any debate about it being used as a guide. The only time contact with the cups by 2 hands is allowed is to place the cup on the edge or to re-set the cup if a complete flip is not made.
Also, the majority of the cup base must be touching the table top when the flip is made. There are no “mid air” flips.
A player may not intentional interfere with the other teams cups or flipping process.
Each player must flip their own cup. If it falls on the floor or goes flying across the room, you must retrieve it and then flip it on your teams side of the table.
For all illegal flips or infractions, a warning will be given upon the first offense. A loss of the current game will be given up each additional offense.


  • $100 CASH
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